Connecting generations and cultures by fostering understanding and companionship between parent and child.

Our Vision.

Father/son, Father/daughter, and familes will have quality time and learn old traditional skills while enjoying the beauty of nature and taking a break from the bells and whistles.

What We Do.

Volunteers teach traditional skills. At Back to Basics Camp there is an ongoing entourage of highly skilled craftsman who model and share tips on their trade. Our goal is to teach old traditional skills while creating an opportunity for relationships to grow.


We are looking for prospects to teach an oldfashioned traditional skill. We are looking for guides to walk groups in 3 miles, menu and food planning. Volunteers for transportation.

Join Us.

Reserve a weekend for your family to spend a relaxing time together with a host group in a different kind of camping. Back to Basics Camp: learning, sharing, and involvement for everyone. Sign up or call to find out how it works.

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