What we do.

Back to Basics Camp, located in the scenic upper Green River Valley overlooking the majestic Wind River mountain range, offers an affordable (both time and money) overnight for father and son, and family adventure and learning; a different kind of camping trip with bunkhouse sleeping, good food and camaraderie around a central campfire ring in the Earth Lodge.


Modern day pioneers will get a taste of traveling on nearby routes on the Oregon Trail, create tools or other useful objects, work together to prepare meals, and have time for story telling, music, learning history of western settlement, wildlife watching, and reflection about the wonders of nature.


Back to Basics Camp directors intend to offer a break from the bells, whistles and hectic pace of modern life and a chance to rediscover some natural talents as well as to appreciate what various family members have to offer each other.  Guests’ time will be supported with the basic amenities, tools, supplies and food needed for a unique and refreshing experience.

How it works.

Hike in on a 3 mile easy-moderate walk through a sea of sagebrush. Enjoy a meal in the shade of the earth lodge. Learn a traditional skill by becoming involved in a community based building project. Become familiar with traditional bow and arrow skills, throwing a tomahawk, leather working, making tamales, making pizza in a traditional wood fired oven and more. Take time to read. Relax. Work in the garden. Talk with others in the sitting room. Explore. Prepare and cook dinner. Play drums around the campfire. Watch for wildlife. Laugh. Have fun. Sleep. Rise with the morning. Hot breakfast. Walk out. Drive home.

What to bring.

The camp has an Earthlodge to protect from the elements but prepare for all types of weather. Backpack. Sleeping bag. Sturdy shoes. Water bottle. Change of clothes. Toothbrush and toothpaste. Moleskin. Mosquito spray. Sunscreen. Sungalsses or sunhat. Winterhat. Fleece. Jackets. Be sure to bring your smile and a positive attitude, and be ready for a weekend of hands on fun and skill building without any technology. 




Building relationships is best when doing things together. Plan on teaching your favorite traditional skill. We are looking for guides to walk groups 3 miles with the intent of building a better relationship among the group. We are looking for musical talent, dutch oven cooks, and storytellers. Contact 307-730-2267




Blacksmithing is a lot like building relationships, it takes patience, time, understanding and focus.


In May of 2018 we will be officially introducing a blacksmith option as part of our program.